We help brands that are great at the physical … but challenged by their digitals.

We help companies & brands translate their physical effort into digital success. Recent digital marketing clients have been featured in major outlets, including:

DROIT™ Client Projects: Media Outlets

Our team has launched websites, platforms, products & digital content in a wide reach of industries, including:

Residential & Commercial Real Estate Investment & Development
Private Equity Investment
Mobile Apps, Gaming & Social Media
Food & Beverage
Hospitality & Local Restaurants
Legal / Law
Health & Fitness
Beauty & Cosmetics
Entertainment (Celebrities, Music & Television)

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Headquartered in Houston Texas, DROIT specializes in digital strategy, digital marketing, content production & web design. 

We approach projects in 2 stages:

Platforms :: Pre-Launch Strategy

We consult with brands to determine the best options for digital strategy, project platform, design approach and launch process. Project platforms can include: websites, digital products, brand launch pages, mobile apps, social profiles or other digital/visual interfaces.

Progress :: Post-Launch Execution

After launch, we partner with clients to setup digital processes to support progress & growth. Digital Processes can include content production, SEO, print collateral, merch design and digital marketing campaigns to keep the brand machine running. And growing.